Rev. Jeshua D. Cail - Owner
If it's made out of stone, we can carve it. We have done work on mantles, cornerstones, headers, keystones, boulders, concrete and many other odd pieces of stone (hitching posts, etc...). Whether you want a single number outside on a boulder, or a paragraph on the mantle in your living room, we can do it. More importantly, we can do it right. When you have a stone inside your house, set in a wall, floor, fireplace, chimney, or whatever, the last thing you want to have to do is replace it. We double and triple check everything throughout the entire process so there are no mistakes. We have not had any customers in the last 10 years that weren't completely happy with the job we did. Quality does come with a price though. Most outdoor jobs will have a base price of $200 plus $10 per inch per letter. Indoor jobs will have a base price of $500 plus $10 per inch per letter. Shape carvings and sculptures are priced by the job, but plan on spending $2000+. What you are getting is a home improvement that will last for thousands of years, and a unique conversation piece for your guests and/or neighbors to admire.

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