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When a family has a pet for a long time, it often becomes like part of the family.  When it dies, as every pet does at some point, you may want to do more for it than to just dig a hole and bury it.  It is for these special pets that we have our pet memorials available.  Starting at $200, they are made to be flush with the ground so they aren't a trip hazard or in the way when you mow the lawn.  They can be placed in a garden to be on display, or in a private corner of your yard where only you will see it, depending on your preference.  Either way, you will have a place where you and/or your children can go to remember your much loved pet. 

The standard size is 6" by 12", but they are completely customizable.  If you can imagine it, we can do it.  We have a variety of different surfaces including but not limited to granite, marble, and slate, and polished or rough, whichever you like.

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